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所在地: 香川県丸亀市

主要用途: 専用住宅

工事種別: 新築

延床面積: 115.49 m2

階数: 地上1階

構造: 木造

竣工年: 2021


Location: Marugame-city, Kagawa prefecture

Principal use: House

Construction type: Newly-built

Total floor area: 115.49 m2

Number of stories: 1 story

Structure: Wooden

Year: 2021    







花粉やPM2.5 などの影響で、外干しをすることが少なくなり、トップライトを持つランドライ(ランドリー+ドライ)を持つ家を計画することが多くなった。





The site had a wide frontage and shallow in depth and we planted a home with one-story house and put emphasizes the rammed earth walls and roof. By suppressing the eaves as low as it can be, this composition became successful.

The plan is designed around the courtyard and surrounded by the dining room, entrance, and bath.

Also the scheme had to bring space for the laundry to get dry where needs to be closed from outside due to the influence of pollen and PM2.5. In recent years, more people are likely to dry laundry indoors and gave us an idea of laund-dry (laundry+dry) concept using a top light in the houses design in the future.