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所在地: 愛媛県松山市

主要用途: ホテル

工事種別: 増築

延床面積(増築面積): 1012.92㎡

階数: 地上9階

構造: 鉄骨造

竣工年: 2020  


Location:  Matsuyama-shi, Ehime prefecture

Principal use: Hotel

Construction type: Extension

Total floor area (Extension) : 1012.92㎡

Number of stories: 9 stories

Structure: Steel flame Year: 2020    










 新館の内装仕上げは本館とあえて異なるものとした。まずホテルに入り、本館のロビーでチェックインを済ませ新館に入ると、仕上げが変わるだけで全く異なる空間に入る感覚を覚えさせる。さらに客室フロア共用部の内装も1階とは差別化し、変化をもたせた。 客室では入口の床仕上げを変え、茶室の躙り口のように「所作」を意識させ、靴を脱ぐことを促すよう仕掛けている。 さらに客室内の床・壁の色にも変化をつけ、動線的には短いが、奥間に入る感覚でリラックスできる空間となるよう試みた。

 ホテルでの滞在時間は数時間で、空間体験としてはごく短いが、その分印象に残りやすい。 動線の中で内装の表現に変化があり、また訪れるごとに外壁がその表情を変えて出迎えるこのホテルが、何度も訪れたくなるようなホテルとなることを期待する。


 In recent years, many foreign tourists are visiting not only the metropolitan area but also local cities in Japan. Matsuyama City is known for one of local cities having famous spots like Dogo Onsen. It attracts number of tourists from overseas 220,000 annually.

 This project is a reconstruction of the portion of a hotel that is located in front of Japan railroad station Matsuyama. The hotel which was established over 70 years ago has main building and additional building. The latter was originally a RC with 3-story building was getting superannuated and did not meet the new earthquake resistance standards. Therefore, the project started to renewal.

 The request from the client was “a hotel with the concept of modern Japanese”.

 What attracts Japan to tourists is what is Japanese and its beauty. The aesthetic sense of “Shogyo Mujo” (All things must pass) is unique senses of Japan. The metallic colors of main facade is located in south was randomly arranged for the appearance of sunlight that is depending on the reflections. This reflections is various from different climates and time of the day.

 The interior finish was made intentionally for the differences of Original to New. Original area where entrances, front desk, and lobby introduces you to the extensions of new area with different finishing schemes. This also applies to the common floor to the guest floor. Entering completely different atmosphere is created only by switching the finish which helps you to recognize the experiences of each space.

 In guest rooms, we encourage people to take their shoes off when you enter each room. For that, the entrance arrangement in floor finish where we play with custom and consciousness like tea room’s small doors. Further, wall colors are shifted to change the mood as you are in an inner room.

 The stay at a hotel tends to be short. However, each moment could be precious with little implements. The constant exterior change will impress the visitor to discover the beauty of this hotel and may want to be return someday.