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所在地: 香川県さぬき市
主要用途: 専用住宅
工事種別: 新築
延床面積: 228.25㎡
階数: 地上2階
構造: 鉄骨造
竣工年: 2010


Location: Sanuki-shi, Kagawa prefecture
Principal use: house
Construction type: newly-built
Total floor area: 228.25㎡
Number of stories: 2 stories
Structure: steel flame
Year: 2010






This house is built in the corner of decrepit new town (developed in the 70’s). The generation change begins in the town, the neighborring houses are rebuilding. This house is also unexceptional. The old couple cohabits with young couple. The cohabitation can be unique style in this town.

The young couple and the old couple is so challenging because they try to make the house as courthouse and use corten steel as outside wall.