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所在地: 香川県丸亀市
主要用途: アトリエ兼住居
工事種別: 新築
延床面積: 150.00㎡
階数: 地上2階
構造: 木造
竣工年: 2001


Location: Marugame-shi, Kagawa Prefecture
Principal use: atelier + house
Construction type: newly-built
Total floor area: 150.00㎡
Number of stories: 2 stories
Structure: wooden
Year: 2001







A few proverbs (“evening calm and morning calm in Sanuki”, “bonze and wind are from ten o’clock” etc.) remind people that calm conditions remain in this place from long ago. Generally, the coast of the Inland Sea of Japan is in calm, but it seems that this place is particularly calm.

I heard from a master builder who knows the old technique for the building of this place. That is, “The wind way must be in a place of calm. If we find this out, we can build a well ventilated house in this place.” I adopted this practice.

The site is located in densely residential area in Sanuki in calm, but this house succeeds to be well ventilated by one small window. The wall of the first floor is removed to make it possible to use the house also as an atelier for a calligrapher. This method of construction seems to be unconventional, but it is actually understandable. By bringing power together in the perimeter, it was identified which pillars and walls were structured well. Removing superfluous walls makes a clear structure, and it has increased safety.