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所 在 地:香川県観音寺市
階  数:-
構  造:木造
竣 工 年:2017


Location: Kanonji-shi, Kagawa prefecture
Principal use: restaurant
Construction type: renovation
Total floor area: 120.87㎡
Number of stories: –
Structure: wooden
Year: 2017


お料理 こも田




Reflect seasonal scenery on tableware and loving it. It is an essence of Japanese that tries to capture a taste as elegance rather than taste as a taste.
A receptacle is not just tableware on which ingredients are placed, but also smile of chef through counter, a shop curtain for welcoming guests, and architecture that wraps all of them are receptacles.
This project renovated a part of the building which was operated as a small restaurant and regenerated it. We designed and used stainless steel for everywhere on this restaurant and it shows scenery lightly as a receptacle and serves as a foil for taste as elegance.

The building was repeatedly renovated and structurally unstable, so it is necessary to reinforce existing building in a safe state in order to renovate again. It is one of the most important points for renovation that we do not believe what seems safe at a first glance.