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所在地: 香川県丸亀市
主要用途: 専用住宅
工事種別: 新築
延床面積: 218.60㎡
階数: 地上2階
構造: 鉄骨造
竣工年: 2006


Location: Marugame-shi, Kagawa prefecture
Principal use: house
Construction type: newly-built
Total floor area: 218.60㎡
Number of stories: 2 stories
Structure: steel flame
Year: 2006







Coexistence of architecture and plant is one of the important themes for me.

I want not only to reduce the consumption of energy but also to make an abundant use of space, borrowing botanical power. The regulation function of sunlight given to a plant greatly differs from the conventional planting methods. I want to think of plants as a material which controls the environment, such as a windbreak, rather than just foliage plants.

In this case, we have used the Western morning glory as a blind. This planting wall does not shield like a wall made from building materials, but it grows up by solar power, and shades. Moreover, it has a self-reproductive capability. The space surrounded by the plant is like the inside of a body that bounds outside environment through the skin.

Most of Japanese morning glory will wither in September because generally it is an annual plant. However, a Western morning glory (heavenly blue) is the perennial plant, and grows a thick leaf through the year.

It is full of a luxurious power especially in summer, and if conditions allow, it vines to cover the whole surface of the wall from a small stock, with blossoms attached.