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所在地: 香川県坂出市
主要用途: 店舗
工事種別: リノベーション
延床面積: 98.78㎡
階数: -
構造: 木造
竣工年: 2016


Location: Sakaide-shi, Kagawa prefecture
Principal use: restaurant
Construction type: renovation
Total floor area: 98.78㎡
Number of stories: –
Structure: wooden
Year: 2016










150-year-old residence built in end of Edo period stand in an old town in Sakaide-shi, Kagawa. A lot of years had passed since dwellers leave this residence, but it has been performed treatment of a garden and a check of leak carefully. However, since dwellers left, a house starts to be removed soul, and begins to be superannuated notably.

The chef who was looking for a place where he starts his French restaurant met up with this residence just before state which couldn’t be left any more.

“Azalee” which is the name of the restaurant is meant azalea in French. An azaleas garden of this residence is famous. Many azaleas color this garden in early summer. It is certain that the meal while looking at the beautiful azalea garden at the French restaurant where the part of this residence is wonderful. The project started though such good feeling.

I would like to renovate this residence that go one step further, not just restoration an old Japanese-style house using the request of the owner chef as a hint which would like to utilize this unique garden for French cuisine.

It is inconsistent that just put tables in the space of old Japanese-style and offer French cuisine. I would like to veil the space with something like buffer of design and material which exist in the building and the garden. In here, silkily and botanical shojis and marble flagstones floor function as buffer.

The inner room seen through the silky shoji is reflected in eyes like a scene from a movie. If you look at shoji closely, there is dimly printed the botanical pattern of white azalea. The floor of restaurant space was covered with Japanese tatami before. The marble flagstone tiles which are etched with the azalea pattern cover the floor instead of tatami, and it gives a sense of unity with the garden. The space becomes like tableware which dishes up French cuisine here.

Renovation should re-innovate something. In this restaurant, innovation happens when a cuisine is dished up on tableware, and carried in our mouth.